Oncology Patient Navigation

As a courtesy to our oncology patients, St. John’s Riverside Hospital provides the services of a Patient Navigator. Your navigator serves as a proactive guide to help you “navigate” all available necessary information from the professional and supportive staff as well as community resources that will make the journey to recovery more understandable and positive.

Cancer is a disease that affects the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of the life of the patient, as well as the rest of the family. The role of the Navigator is to create a pathway through the continuum of care.

The Navigator is someone who serves as a proactive guide to help patients “navigate” the complex healthcare system. The Navigator acts as a patient representative, distinct from the hospital social worker, who focuses on the concrete needs of the cancer patient and reflects a special concern for ensuring prompt follow-up.

The Navigator:
Builds awareness in the patient of all available services, bridges the gaps in caring by ensuring that follow-up efforts are made, so patients do not fall through the cracks, and works with community groups to increase cancer awareness.

Does the “leg-work” that would delay treatment by assisting the patient in obtaining medical records from other facilities, making timely appointments for tests and physical exams, and providing assistance in obtaining emergency Medicaid if applicable.

Benefits of the Patient Navigation Program include:

  • More efficient delivery of care.
  • Decrease the length of stay in the hospital by coordinating in-house services promptly.
  • Enhance access to services for vulnerable populations and enhance the quality of care for all women.
  • Improved coordination of high-quality, compassionate care.
  • Improved sharing of resources within the hospital and community organizations.
  • Increased patient satisfaction.

Some areas of medical care that the Navigator can help assist you with are:

  • Helping the patients find ways to pay for their treatment.
  • Find transportation to appointments for the patient who does not drive.
  • Assist with the “fear factor” by connecting the patient with other survivors and support groups.

For more information about Navigator Services, please contact: (914) 964-4327

To use our Physician Referral Service call (914) 964-4DOC (4362).