Emergency Services

St. John’s Riverside Hospital’s commitment to the community includes ongoing improvements to the emergency department to meet the growing needs of the local population we serve. With the implementation of new technology and creating a new method for staff communication we now offer the most responsive and highest quality emergency care available in our area. Our newly renovated and expanded Emergency Departments at both Andrus and Dobbs Ferry Pavilions, along with our Quadruple Board-Certified Physicians, offer you and your family the best two Emergency Service options – just minutes away when it counts most.

Every Minute Counts In An Emergency

Our Emergency Specialists are ready 24 hours a day. The highly trained and specialized board certified physicians and experienced emergency nursing teams are always available to help you. The ER team is qualified to provide complete emergency and trauma care for adults and children. The team is certified in Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and Pediatric Advanced Life Support. Separate processes have been created for patients entering the ER based on the severity of their condition. By aligning each patient with the proper medical team we have the ability to see patients in a timelier manner.

Rapid Assessment
Upon arrival patients are quickly assessed by a nurse. Patients answer a few simple questions about their symptoms and are transferred to the appropriate area in the Emergency Department, depending on their medical condition. This allows the physician to get to the patient faster and ensures better communication among all members of the team on the patient’s condition and course of treatment.

The Rapid Assessment Triage system at St. John’s Riverside Hospital’s Emergency Department is designed to quickly identify patients with life-threatening and non-life-threatening conditions and ensure the appropriate level-of-care for all.

Fast Track Service
Our “Fast Track” assures prompt treatment if you need immediate, not emergency, medical care. If you need services for non-life-threatening injuries or illnesses, such as sprains and fractures, colds or flu, you can usually be examined and treated more quickly in Fast Track.

Trauma Center
Patients with life threatening conditions such as heart failure, stroke or severe injuries or illnesses are immediately transferred to the trauma center to receive the urgent care they require. The process enables the urgent care specialty team to always be available for quick response to life threating situations.

Stroke Center Designation
St. John’s Riverside Hospital has received the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s Stroke Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award. The award recognizes St. John’s Riverside Hospital’s commitment and success in implementing a higher standard of stroke care by ensuring that stroke patients receive treatment according to nationally accepted standards and recommendations.

Medical Scribes

These specialized staff members are trained medical documentation assistants. They accompany the physician to the patient’s bedside and document all notes an information as the doctor is meeting with the patient. All data is then added to the computer by the medical scribe and kept in as electronic medical records. This process results in better communication, less errors and frees the physician to spend more time with the patient.

“Our organizational culture focuses on relationships, teamwork and open communication while attracting the best healthcare staff found in the Northeast. Our specialists are brought in on Emergency cases more effectively and more functionally than ever before, raising the bar again for patient-centered healthcare.”

Mark Silberman, MD, Quadruple Board Certified

St. John’s Riverside Hospital Andrus (914) 964-4516.
St. John’s Riverside Hospital Dobbs Ferry (914) 693-5187
Emergency Medical Hotline – 911
Poison Control Center – NY (800) 336-6997

Real Patient Stories

Bruce Bernacchia “Every day I am aware that they saved my life.”


How to register in our Emergency Department
To help us, please bring with you identification (preferably photo id) and any insurance cards you may have. Patients are seen in the ER without respect to race, color, creed, national origin, sexual orientation or ability to pay.

To use our Physician Referral Service call (914) 964-4DOC (4362). 


Recommended Doctors

Mark Silberman, MD
Raffaele Milizia, MD
Paul Sasso, MD