Spiritual Care

The Spiritual Care Department at St. John’s Riverside Hospital provides spiritual, religious, and emotional care to our patients and their families as they navigate the stress and complexity of illness and of medical care.

Chaplaincy is a dimension of healthcare devoted to serving the needs of the human spirit. Whether or not you consider yourself “religious,” and regardless of your faith tradition, the Spiritual Care Department is here for you and your loved ones.

Each new stage of life involves change. At such times, you may have thoughts and feelings that you need to share with a caring and compassionate person. Pain, illness, an unexpected diagnosis—any of these can create feelings of deep doubt about your deepest beliefs and bring questions about the meaning and purpose of life.

Our hospital chaplains are here to support you. You may want someone to assist you in coping with difficult circumstances, to help you think through a problem, to pray with you, to assist in contacting your own clergy, or just someone to be there and listen. Whatever your need, we encourage you to call upon us.

If you have indicated your religious preference as Roman Catholic:

  • a Catholic priest will visit you soon after your admission to offer you anointing and other sacraments
  • Eucharistic Ministers will offer Holy Communion and prayer several days a week.

Religious Materials

Prayer leaflets, daily meditation booklets, Bibles, Sabbath candles, rosaries, prayer rugs, and other ritual items are available on request.

Meditation Room

The Meditation Room is a nondenominational sacred space for prayer and meditation. Open at all times to patients, families, and staff, it is located on the first floor across from the cafe.

Rev. Paul Bryant-Smith
Director of Spiritual Care, Andrus Pavilion

Fr. Nicholas Nwagwu
Catholic Priest, Andrus Pavilion

Rev. Ann Weathers
Associate Chaplain, Andrus Pavilion

How To Contact Us

While in the hospital:

  • Ask the nurse to call for you
  • Dial extension 4368 during regular hours, Monday through Friday
  • Call the hospital operator after hours for emergencies