Celebrating Westchester’s Newest Interventional Spine & Pain Management Center

Spearheaded by St. John’s own Dr. Stephen Erosa, DO, this center stands out as the region’s unique destination for pain relief. 

Dr. Erosa, a leading expert in Westchester, specializes in innovative pain interventions that steer away from traditional pharmaceutical approaches. Techniques such a Peripheral Nerve Stimulation and Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression typically produce pain relief and allow our patients to return to normal activities within 24 hours. 

What makes Interventional Pain Management different is that it uses techniques, such as injections, radio frequency ablation, and neuromodulation to directly address the source of your pain. In addition to the aforementioned procedures, the team places great emphasis on rehabilitation, utilizing physical therapy and home exercise plans to help patients overcome pain, and return to doing what they love.

We appreciate our esteemed elected officials, community members and SJRH staff for joining us for this special occasion! Visit Dr. Erosa today. Call 914-904-4040.