Palliative Care

SJRH Palliative Care Service focuses on improving the quality-of-life and reviewing the disease trajectory of our hospitalized patients. Palliative care in its totality includes pain control, symptom management, and psychological, spiritual, and social/financial interventions. Palliative care can be implemented at the beginning of a chronic disease diagnosis, and hospice care is limited to those with a life expectancy of six months or less. Palliative care can be delivered at any stage of a patient’s illness, even when they are seeking curative care.

Our Patient Focus:

  1. Patients with chronic illness and impairment of function who may still be active for many years.
  2. Patients that may have a significant burden or disability and require a medical need.
  3. Seriously ill patients with advanced illness.
  4. Patients with a terminal illness and approaching the end of life.

Our Treatment Goals:

  1. Assist patients and their families in clarifying their goals of care from the beginning of treatment and support them at any stage of the challenging treatment process.
  2. Provide expert assessment and treatment of the symptoms of distress, including pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, anxiety, and depression.

Who We Are:

A team of professionals with weekly team meetings and daily involvement in your care.

These members include:

Board Certified Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner and Physician; Board Certified Social Worker and Spiritual Care Director.

Available Services When Requested:

Clinical Care Experts; Holistic Care Nurse, Spiritual Care Service; Nursing Instructor and Staff Nurses; Hospice and Calvary Hospital Representation; Pharmacy and Dietary Staff; Respiratory and Physical Therapy Staff Members.

Palliative Care team members collaborate with your Physicians, who can advise you in helping with your concerns with your doctors on referrals, treatments, medications, and possible transfers.

Coping with serious and chronic illnesses is stressful. SJRH Palliative Care Service wants to help you and your family avoid frustration, anxiety, and anger about your illness. We want to learn about your concerns, support you during difficult times, and assist with decision-making.

For more information contact our Palliative Care office at 914.964.4588.