Orthopedic Surgery Center

Orthopedics is a medical specialty that focuses on treating injuries and illnesses that affect the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and other tissues that make up the musculoskeletal system. These structures enable our body to move, bend and flex so that we can participate fully in all the activities we enjoy.

Our physicians are highly skilled at correctly diagnosing orthopedic injuries and illnesses. The earlier the condition is diagnosed, the sooner patients can return to active lifestyles. An accurate and efficient diagnosis is the first step towards recovery. Acute injuries can become chronic if they are not treated properly early on. Our physicians provide patients with the necessary care to obtain the best possible outcomes for their recovery.

We specialize in conditions that affect the following parts of the body.

  • Hand and Foot Pain

      We depend on our hands and feet to do many of the daily activities and when these parts of the body start to hurt or experience difficulty in moving, it can limit your ability to participate in the activities you enjoy. You deserve relief from these symptoms so we now offer new and alternative treatments, which provide long-term relief from hand or foot pain. There are a variety of disorders that can affect the feet, and our trained specialists have the experience and expertise necessary to treat these disorders through diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical treatments.

  • Spine

      Care for injuries and illnesses that affect the spine can be both surgical and non-invasive. At St. John’s Riverside Hospital Orthopedic Services we provide comprehensive evaluation and the latest treatments. Our pain management medical specialists provide the most advanced treatment options including joint injections and physical rehabilitation. If surgery is right for you, our orthopedic surgeons and our orthopedic team provide dedicated care throughout the surgery and recovery process.

  • Joint Replacement

      Approximately 46 million Americans have some form of arthritis and millions of others have joints that have been damaged from injuries and which now no longer respond to less invasive treatments. Our orthopedic surgeons utilize the latest techniques and provide the highest quality care to all these patients.

  • Sports Medicine

      Sports Medicine is a complex specialty within Orthopedic Medicine that evaluates and treats sport-related injuries to facilitate rapid return to physical activity. Our surgeons utilize the latest technology and surgical techniques to respond to these numerous injuries and disorders.

  • Physical Therapy

      Physical Therapy can help you regain independence, mobility and strength as part of your orthopedic treatment and recovery procedure.

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The St. John’s Riverside Hospital Orthopedic Services staff will get you moving.

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