Spiritual Care

OUR VISION is to offer pastoral care to patients, families and staff which they experience as changing their perspective and offering new hope.  Build bridges to the community that provides opportunities for others to learn pastoral care and be part of our common mission of healing.

OUR MISSION is to provide pastoral care services to patients, their families and healthcare staff; education to students, staff, visiting clergy and department volunteers; and administration of the department to ensure effective cooperation within St. John’s Riverside Hospital and with The HealthCare Chaplaincy.  Implementation will be made through pastoral visits, worship services, and facilitation of pastoral visits by community clergy; consultation and patient conferences; participation in team meetings, rounds, and hospital committees; and assisting staff in understanding patients’ religious beliefs and practices, and integrating them into treatment plans.

Who Are We?

Just as there are differing levels of expertise in nursing (nurse practitioners, RNs, nursing assistants, student nurses and aides) and medicine (physicians, physician specialists, residents, interns), the same is true in chaplaincy. 

Chaplaincy is a dimension of health care devoted to serving the needs of your spirit. Each new stage of life involves change. At such times, you may have thoughts and feelings that you need to share with a caring and compassionate person. Pain, illness, an unexpected diagnosis—any of these can create feelings of deep doubt about your deepest beliefs and bring questions about the meaning and purpose of life.

 Our hospital chaplains and trained volunteers are here to support you. You may want someone to assist you in coping with difficult circumstances, to help you think through a problem, to pray with you, or just someone to be there and listen. Whatever your need, we encourage you to call upon us.

You do not need to consider yourself religious in order to speak with a chaplain.

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How To Contact Us

While in the hospital:
  • Ask the nurse to call for you
  • Dial extension 4368 during regular hours, Monday through Friday
  • Call the hospital operator after hours for emergencies

Pastoral Care Department,
  7 West (near elevators) 967 North Broadway,  Yonkers, NY 10701 (914) 964-4368



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